Facelift: Restore youth and confidence at ÄSTHETIK LAB

At "ÄSTHETIK LAB" we understand that the face is the hallmark of every person, and how important it is to keep it young and beautiful. Therefore, we offer advanced facelift methods, including circular, non-surgical, hardware, vector and vacuum lifting, which will help you restore lost contours and restore youthful skin without resorting to surgical interventions.

Circular facelift: Harmonious results

Circular facelift is an innovative procedure that allows you to make your face more harmonious and youthful. This technique provides stretching of facial tissues and strengthening of muscles, which allows you to restore lost contours and reduce wrinkles.

Methods and procedures for facelift in "ÄSTHETIK LAB"

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Non-surgical facelift: Recovery without pain

Non-Surgical Facelift is a painless and comfortable procedure that restores firmness and youthfulness to the skin without the use of surgical instruments. At ÄSTHETIK LAB, we use advanced technologies that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, giving the skin a youthful and fresh look.

Hardware facelift: An integrated approach to beauty

Hardware facelift is a comprehensive approach to improving facial skin with the help of special devices. At "ÄSTHETIK LAB" we offer a variety of instrumental procedures that allow you to achieve maximum results without surgery.

Non-Surgery Facelift: Risk-Free and Rest-Free Treatments

A non-surgical facelift is the ideal choice for those who want to improve their appearance without risk and a long recovery period. At ÄSTHETIK LAB, we offer a variety of techniques that allow you to achieve maximum results without surgery.

Temporal facelift: Emphasis on beauty

Temporal facelift is a procedure that allows you to restore youth and freshness to the upper part of the face. It helps to tighten the skin around the cheekbones and eyes, giving the face a more expressive and youthful appearance.

Vector Facelift: Sculpting Results

Vector facelift is an innovative technique that allows you to sculpt and correct facial contours without surgery. At ÄSTHETIK LAB, we use cutting-edge technologies to achieve maximum results and create a harmonious and natural looking face.

Vacuum facelift: Collagen stimulation for youthful skin

Vacuum facelift is a procedure that allows you to stimulate the production of collagen, giving the skin a youthful and firm look. This technique helps to improve the texture of the skin and smooth fine wrinkles.

Come visit us and gain youthfulness and confidence with facelift treatments at ÄSTHETIK LAB. Our team of professionals will be happy to help you choose the best facelift option that suits your needs and desires. We guarantee a professional approach, quality service and impeccable results!

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