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"ÄSTHETIK LAB" is a modern center for aesthetic medicine, where we offer a wide range of innovative procedures and therapies to improve your beauty, health and well-being. Our mission is to help our clients achieve their beautiful and desirable goals through high quality and safe treatments performed by our experienced professionals.

ÄSTHETIK LAB is a leader among medical cosmetology clinics in Azerbaijan. The clinic, equipped with modern German equipment, consists of more than 100 treatment rooms. The main areas of the clinic are hardware cosmetology, trichology and dietology. At the same time, more than 100 specialists work in the clinic.

Professional Team: At ÄSTHETIK LAB, we are proud of our team of highly qualified professionals, including cosmetologists, dermatolog...





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Welcome to ÄSTHETIK LAB - Beauty and Health Place in Baku, Azerbaijan. We are glad to welcome you on the homepage of ÄSTHETIK LAB, your reliable partner in the field of beauty and health. Our goal is to help you achieve outer harmony and inner comfort by providing you with the most advanced and effective treatments. Our Services: Facials: Facial Rejuvenation: Give your skin new life with our innovative facial rejuvenation treatments. We use advanced techniques to help you restore firmness, elasticity and radiance to your skin. Facelift:Smooth wrinkles and firm the contours of your face with our facelift treatments. We create natural and beautiful results that prolong the youthfulness of your skin. Facial Skin Regeneration: Restore the health and youthfulness of your skin with regeneration treatments. Our methods help to restore skin cells and improve texture. Body Treatments: Body Rejuvenation: It is important to us that your beauty encompasses your entire body. Our body rejuvenation treatments will help you enhance your natural beauty and confidence. Body Shaping: Create harmonious body proportions with our body shaping treatments. We will help you achieve your desired results without surgery. Body skin regeneration: Keep your body skin healthy and youthful with regeneration treatments. We will help you get rid of imperfections and keep your skin in great shape. Hair Treatments: Hair Loss Treatment: Our experts offer customized solutions for the treatment of hair loss. Restore the density and beauty of your hair with us. Scalp Treatment: We care about the health of your scalp and hair. Our treatments will help you get rid of problems such as dandruff and seborrhea. Seborrhea Treatment: Overcome seborrhea with our effective treatments. Rebalance the skin and make it healthier. Dandruff Treatment: Get rid of dandruff and restore the health of your scalp with our personalized treatments. Our Experts: Our professionals have rich experience and knowledge in the field of beauty and health. We take pride in providing you with customized and best solutions for your needs. Visit Us: We are located in Baku, Azerbaijan, st. Koroglu Rakhimov 47, Baku, “Abu arena” - where you can enjoy our treatments in a cozy atmosphere. We are ready to help you on your way to true beauty and confidence. Contact Us: If you have any questions or would like to know more about our services, please contact us at +994 50 400 03 03. Welcome to ÄSTHETIK LAB - your path to incredible beauty and health!