One of the methods of alternative medicine is mesotherapy, which involves the introduction of the hormones calcitonin and thyroxine, collagenase and hyaluronidase enzymes, vitamins, minerals and plant extracts using an ultrathin needle into the mesoderm.

Beauty injections” are aimed not only at rejuvenating the skin of various parts of the body, but also at optimizing blood circulation and getting rid of inflammation caused by damage to the dermis. Also, cosmetic intervention is used for:

  • wrinkle correction
  • hair strengthening
  • acne
  • eliminate scars, cellulite and stretch marks
  • couperosis removal
  • treatment of seborrhea and other cases.

All procedures are recommended to be performed under aseptic conditions, using the services of professionals. The ASTHETIK LAB clinic is the leader in the field of medical cosmetology in Azerbaijan.


The course of treatment consists of 3-10 stages with an interval of up to 10 days, depending on the problem to be eliminated, but the effect of injections lasts for a year.

Methods of introduction

All preparations for a minimally invasive procedure are selected individually and administered by a manual or hardware method.

Injections with a hardware injector are less painful for patients with hypersensitivity to pain, and are actively used to correct cellulite.

Manual injection of drugs is in demand when facial mesotherapy is required, especially when working with the area around the mouth and eyes, and is also indicated for patients with thin skin.

Advantages and disadvantages of the Mesotherapy method:

Pros of mesotherapy

  • Safe and harmless formulation
  • Wide age range
  • Elimination of dermatological diseases (rosacea, seborrhea, acne)
  • Elasticity increases. firmness and fullness of the skin
  • Facial lifting effect
  • Age-pigmentation removal
  • Allowed to be combined with other cosmetic treatments
  • Save effect over skin
  • No general contraindications

Cons of mesotherapy

  • In places of punctures, seals remain for some time - papules (pass in a few days)
  • Individual allergic reaction (not always)
  • The appearance of bruises and redness when the needle enters the capillaries
  • Not recommended for pregnancy, herpes, inflammatory manifestations on the face, diabetes, epilepsy, cholelithiasis, after chemical peeling


Do you need mesotherapy for hair, skin and other parts of the body? The Asthetik Lab clinic employs more than 100 specialists, it is provided with European equipment, while the cost of “beauty injections” is affordable for most patients who wish to get rid of various cosmetic problems and restore youth to their skin and hair. Pre-registration online or by phone +994 (555)-12-9090.

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