Wart removal (body, hand)
Wart removal (body, hand)
Wart removal (body, hand)
Wart removal (body, hand)

Wart removal (body, hand)

Removal of warts on the body, arms and legs: Get rid of unpleasant formations with "ÄSTHETIK LAB"!

Warts are small growths on the skin that cause not only cosmetic discomfort, but can also become a source of physical and emotional discomfort. They can appear on various parts of the body, including the body, arms and legs. At "ÄSTHETIK LAB" we offer modern methods of removing warts on the body, hands and feet, which will help you get rid of these unwanted formations and return your skin to a beautiful and smooth appearance.

Body Wart removal procedure:

  • Cryotherapy: Cryotherapy is a procedure for freezing warts with liquid nitrogen. When in contact with the skin, nitrogen forms an ice crust around the wart, which leads to its death and subsequent disappearance.
  • Electrocoagulation: Electrocoagulation is a method in which a wart is removed with an electric current. This method also allows simultaneous coagulation of the vessels in the area to be removed, which reduces the risk of bleeding.
  • Laser removal: Laser wart removal is a non-surgical method that uses laser light to remove the wart. The laser penetrates into the deeper layers of the skin, destroys the wart tissue and contributes to its disappearance.

The benefits of wart removal at "ÄSTHETIK LAB":

Efficiency: Our professional wart removal specialists use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure highly effective treatments.

Safety: At ÄSTHETIK LAB, we adhere to strict safety standards and guarantee minimal risks during wart removal procedures.

Comfortable Treatments: Our wart removal treatments are performed with maximum patient comfort, and most treatments do not require anesthesia or long recovery times.

Individual approach: Every patient is unique, and at ÄSTHETIK LAB we provide an individual approach to everyone in order to achieve the best results in wart removal.

Recovery after wart removal:

After the wart removal procedure, patients are advised to follow the doctor's recommendations and follow simple instructions for caring for the treated skin area. This will help minimize the risks of inflammation and speed up healing.

"ÄSTHETIK LAB" is your reliable partner in the fight against warts

Our team of professional specialists at ÄSTHETIK LAB is ready to help you get rid of warts on your body, hands and feet. We are committed to providing our patients with quality and safe treatments to help them feel comfortable and confident in their skin. Contact us for a consultation and an appointment for a wart removal procedure, and we will be happy to help you restore the beauty of your skin.

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